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What is Pubmission?

Pubmission is an online community of writers, editors, and publishers. It was built to help writers with the tough decisions that go along with getting published. Is my writing marketable? Is my cover letter strong enough? Should I hire an editor?

We’re reworking Pubmission (read: feverishly recoding) to shift the site toward helping writers with these big questions. There will be enhanced focus on our team of freelance editors who will provide affordable, short critiques on submission samples. There will be a widening range of resources including books, e-courses, videos, and of course, our blog (now called “Before You Submit).

And we will continue to offer memberships to publishers and agents who wish to receive access to our best submissions and who would like to move their slush piles away from email and snail mail to an online solution that makes better sense.

Thanks and stay tuned!

Before You Submit...

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