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Spore Press LLC

Spore Press LLC

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Spore Press is a small independent online publishing company offering great books for our readers in both print and ebook format. Spore Press specializes in BioSciFi, biology based science fiction. Our goal is to put quality books into the hands of readers while rewarding authors for their talent and effort by paying royalties.

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Book publisher

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Recent Titles:
"Anti-Sentient" by Linda J. Butler
"The Gorge" by J.L. McPherson
"Lykaia" by Sharon Van Orman
"Waiting in the Silence" by Rosalyn W. Berne
"Lessons from an Evil Mind" by Shawna Stewart
"Alter Ego" by Tory Allyn
"Bangtown Logic" by James Sandham
"Glory Hole" by Warren A. Rome
"The Forvian Sphere" by Jason J. Sergi
"Tarbabies" by Allen R. Brady
"The V8 Killer" by Nikokly

Terms for Writers:
We have a standard contract that includes the following royalty rate paid on net of sales. eBooks: 55% Paperbacks: 12.5% on first 1000 sold, and 15% thereafter Hard Cover: 15% Audio Books: 30% on all sales, whether electronic sale or physical media For multiple book deals (typically 3), we alter these somewhat based on the situation and the advance offered.

Writers Published Per Year:

Time from Acceptance to Publication:
30-90 days

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Tips for Writers:
We love to work with new writers. Please send us your best work and we will help make it shine.

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